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1. AuthorVogt - Heyder , B.

Title in original languageBemuehungen in der deutschen Wiedergutmachung aus psychoanalytischer Sicht
Title in English translationAttempts of the German compensation for Nazi crimes, psychoanalytical perspectives
Monograph/reader: publisherunpublished manuscript,mimeographed
Monograph/reader: year1989
Monograph/reader: page(s)11 pages
Where available in TokiwaDr. Vogt-Heyder, Psychoanalist, 69 Heidelberg
External Libraryno
Congress/conference report: titleThe Sequelae of Nazi Terrorism. Conference
Congress/conference report: Location, City, CountryHannover, University, MNedical School, Dept. of Social Psychiatry.Chairman:Prof.Dr.Kisker
Congress/conference report: date of eventOctober 89
Congress/conference report: OrganizerProf.Dr.Kisker, Medical Faculty of the University of hannover, Center for Social Psychiatry

English Summary:

The considerations of this German psychoanalyst start with a historical overview on Compensation for Nazi Injustice - he believes that for Germans it was an invention of foreign powers. A new beginning after the war was a myth - repression of memories and silence out of guilt feelings on what happened and on what was not prevented determined the reactions. The attempts of compensation were characterized by the fact that the same physicians and jurists who worked before 1945 in the field, made the determinations after 1945.They and all experts got their professional and individual socialization in the Nazi times. They either systematically overlooked the trauma of the victims or they were simply not knowledgeable enough. They reacted with denial of empathy, due to self protection, helplessness and guilt feelings and almost mechanically attributed to the victims constitutional shortcomings. A case history illustrates. Not only victims reacted with anger, disgust and bitterness towards the negative decisions that rejected the compensation claims(hearing 1987 in Bonn).   Vogt - Heyder , Barbara  

SubjectAbuse of Power
SubjectAttitudes of Victims
SubjectCompensation (State)
SubjectCorporations as Victims
SubjectEmotional Consequences
SubjectGermany FRG
SubjectLong Term Effects
SubjectMass Media
SubjectPress, Victimization by Media
SubjectSecondary Victimization


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